Winners 2016 Kids Art Contest – Part Two


Frogs Are Green thanks all the children from around the world for participating in our annual Kids Art Contest! The variety of subject, medium and cultural diversity made choosing incredibly hard! We also thank the parents and teachers that helped children learn more about frogs and bugs!

This year we received 1441 artworks from 32 countries and almost every state in the USA! Here in New Jersey I’m proud to share that the Wallace Elementary School of Hoboken submitted 400 artworks! That is a school project to be proud of! Jersey City students also turned in approximately 75 artworks! We also received quite a lot of artwork from China, Sri Lanka and Turkey, so you will see we selected the best of each of these countries also.

We want to thank the judges and we applaud them in choosing from a field of exceptional artworks: Jonathan Kolby, Geoff Mosher, Pam Andes, Bethe Ann Schwartz, Erin A. Delaney, Sigrid Shreeve, and Valerie Clark.

All winners receive a custom certificate based on how you placed, so email us to receive yours. The 1st place winners in each of the 4 age groups receive prizes, so email us!

And now for the winners… (wait for the page to load!!)

WINNERS by Categories

Best Black and White Artwork

1st Place: Minsoo Jung, 11 years old, USA
2nd Place: Seyoung Bae, 11 years old, USA
3rd Place: Shanmukh Gollu, 16 years old, India

Honorable Mentions:

Arriyah Rivera, 9 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Dheeman Gangopadhyay, 13 years old, UAE
Junu Sim, 9 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Nylah Rosado, 11 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Zoriah Calcano, 9 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA

Best Typographic Artwork

1st Place: Colin Song, 16 years old, USA
2nd Place: Lynn Sun, 8 years old, NJ, USA
3rd Place: Riya Roshan Joseph, 15 years old, UAE

Honorable Mention:

Gusti Ayu Wedha Putri Surya, 10 years old, Indonesia

Best Artworks from Jersey City, NJ, USA

1st Place: George Azmy, 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA
2nd Place: Darinka Arones, 8th grade, Jersey City, NJ, USA
3rd Place: Jeffry Bello, 15 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Gregory Garcia, 10 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA
Rosemary Rosario, 9 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA
Shivangi Pastagia, 16 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Best Artworks from Hoboken, NJ, USA

1st Place: Ciara Groomes, 11 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
2nd Place: Nylah Rosado, 11 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
3rd Place: Sarah Burns, 8 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Amber Rodriguez, 9 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Ava DiGiacomo, 8 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Elizabeth Bright, 9 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA
Jayanna Wheeler, 7 years old, Hoboken, NJ, USA

Best Artwork from Sri Lanka

1st Place: Geethma Tashani Thalangama, 13 years old, Sri Lanka
2nd Place: W. W. Lakindu Chamindra Mendis, 6 years old, Sri Lanka
3rd Place: Himara Hasindi Liyange, 9 years old, Sri Lanka

Honorable Mentions:

H. P. Chanuki Vimarshi Caldera, 13 years old, Sri Lanka
Thinaura Gunasekara, 13 years old, Sri Lanka
Kushan Sawinda Jayawardana, 13 years old, Sri Lanka
D. Sethuli Mevansa Jayasekara, 11 years old, Sri Lanka

Best Artwork from Turkey

1st Place: Dalya Kinsizer-Hisar Okullari, age group 13-17, Turkey
2nd Place: Nil Ozdal, 7 years old, Turkey
3rd Place: Irmak Yesim Gelirli, 9 years old, Turkey

Honorable Mention:

Bugra Ozenc, 8 years old, Turkey

Best Artwork from Hong Kong, China:

1st Place: Yeung Chi Wai, 6 years old, School of Creativity, Hong Kong
2nd Place: Lam Tsun Hay, 6 years old, Chong Hok Tong Education Center, Hong Kong
3rd Place: Chan Chi Lam, 4 years old, School of Creativity, Hong Kong

Honorable Mention:

Young Hei Wun, 6 years old, Chong Hok Tong Education Center, Hong Kong


Contest Update: Frogs Are Green Kids Art Contest 2011

We’ve been so excited to receive entries for our kids’ art contest from children all over the United States, as well as entries from Canada, Scotland, Ireland, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Hong Kong.

You can view the entries by either selecting the “galleries” link in the top navigation or by holding the cursor over the gallery thumbnails in the right sidebar, where you will see the Kids’ Art Contest 2011 among others. Once you click on the first piece of art, just click the forward and back arrows and you can view each piece of art in a slide show.

We’re so impressed by the variety of the art: from crayon, colored pencil, watercolors, and paintings to 3D sculptures, collage, and mixed media.

Honorable mention from our 2010 contest, by Li Hing Fung, Hong Kong

Honorable mention from our 2010 contest, by Li Hing Fung, Hong Kong

If you haven’t entered your artwork and would still like to, please click on the contest rules at the top of the blog. The age groups are 3-6, 7-9, and 10-12 and there will be a winner in each group. The winners will be featured in a post.

Also, if you’ve entered the contest, please don’t forget to send your address so we can send you a Frogs Are Green wristband after the contest is over. These wristbands are really nice—they’re smaller than the usual wristbands (youth size) so are good for kids. Susan and I wear our wristbands 24/7!*

Anyway, we’re so happy to see so many creative kids out there creating and expressing themselves for our favorite animal!

*Note: Our use of your address is a one-time thing. It won’t be saved or used for any purpose other than for sending the wristbands.


Back to School at FROGS ARE GREEN!

It’s back-to-school time and we’d like to introduce you to a few notable children’s books about frogs and other amphibians published recently:

THE FROG SCIENTIST by Pamela S. Turner, photographs by Andy Comins (Houghton Mifflin, 2009)

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, with his children, reads a book his mother gave him as a child, from THE FROG SCIENTIST. Photo copyright Andy Comins.

This book, part of the Scientist in the Field Series, is a biography of frog scientist Dr. Tyrone Hayes at UC-Berkeley, who has done groundbreaking studies about the effects of atrazine, a widely used herbicide, on frogs.  While the book is mainly a biography of Hayes, it is also a good overview of the global amphibian crisis and it includes an easy-to-understand explanation of the scientific method. The book has a lively, engaging design and many wonderful photos. It would be ideal for kids who are at that age (around 10 or so) when they decide that “science is boring.”

Dr. Hayes is an engaging subject for a biography, and the anecdotes about him are refreshing for this type of book (which can often be dry). A whole unit could be planned around THE FROG SCIENTIST, covering such topics as a science as a career, African Americans in science, the global amphibian decline, the scientific method, to name just a few.

A PLACE FOR FROGS by Melissa Stewart, illustrated by Higgins Ford (Peachtree 2009).

A PLACE FOR FROGS by Melissa Stewart, illustrated by Higgins Bond

For younger children (@5-8), this nonfiction picture book introduces different species of frogs and places them in their habitats. Each oversized double-page spread features a frogs species, their habitat, and shows some of the ways that human action and interaction can affect frog populations.

For example, one spread describes the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged frog and its habitat, and explains why adding trout to the frogs ponds caused their decline (the trouts devoured the tadpoles). When people removed the trout, the frog populations began to recover. The frog and its habitat is depicted in gorgeous realistic paintings and is described in easy-to-understand language.

A Place for Frogs could be used for teaching kids about animal habitats (this author/artist team also did A Place for Butterflies and A Place for Birds). It could also be used in a unit about endangered animals, a unit devoted to frogs and amphibians, or it could be read as a springboard to study a local endangered frog in more detail, depending on where the school is located.

Big Night for Salamanders by Sarah Marwil Lamstein, art by Carol Benioff (Boyds Mill, 2010).

Illustration from BIG NIGHT FOR SALAMANDERS by Sarah Marwil Lamstein, art by Carol Benioff

In this narrative nonfiction picture book, a boy waits for the Big Night, the first rainy night in late winter or early spring when the blue-spotted salamanders begin their annual migrations. The salamanders must travel from their forest burrows to vernal pools, where they breed and lay eggs. The problem is the salamanders must cross a busy highway to reach the vernal pools. The boy, along with other volunteers, helps the salamanders cross the road. A parallel text in italics describes the migration of salamanders.

This is a lovely simple story about how one boy helps an endangered species close to home. It is illustrated in richly-colored gouache. At the back is information about the life cycle of blue-spotted salamanders, as well as information about the Big Night and vernal pools.

Big Night for Salamanders would be a good read-aloud book for younger children. It could also be used in units about the life cycles of animals, and about species whose habitats are threatened. Teachers could read this book in the spring and plan a field trip to a local vernal pool.

Don’t forget about the FROGS ARE GREEN ART CONTEST FOR KIDS! Please download and print out this flyer to tell kids about the contest.


Calling All Kids – 2010 FROGS ARE GREEN Art Contest

Calling all kids ages 3-12!

We’ve launched a new campaign to help frogs! As part of the campaign we’re excited to announce the first FROGS ARE GREEN art contest for kids.

Contest theme: IT IS EASY BEING GREEN!

Your artwork can be about frogs and how we can help them, or it can be about ways we can be green at home, at school, or in the community.

Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2010 and the winner will be announced December 15, 2010. The winner will be featured in a post and his or her artwork will be used to create a poster for the campaign. The winner will also receive 2 copies of this new poster. All other kids who enter will receive a FROGS ARE GREEN (eco-friendly) wristband.

We’re looking for drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage, or whatever format helps you express yourself. Send your digital files or photographs of the objects to us at info@frogsaregreen.com. The file should be no larger than 3MB.

We can’t wait to see your artwork!

© 2010 Frogs Are Green | Illustration © 2010 Paul Zwolak

See our poster and t-shirt with Paul Zwolak’s artwork!