Frogs Are Green is on an awareness mission to educate the public about the threats to frogs and amphibians. Through blogging, interviews, social media and annual events we have reached a great many people but now it’s time to go to the next level and bring a new books and curriculums to the schools.

Young children are naturally curious about nature and can express themselves through art in a way they cannot verbally, so one of our curriculums developed by Susan Newman, founder of Frogs Are Green, combines amphibian education and art together in a six-week course. (Click below to learn much more about this!)

Amphibian Education and Art Curriculum – K-3

Frogs, Amphibians, and Their Threatened Environment

Discovery and Expression Through Art – K-3


Children in K-3 are introduced to frogs, amphibians and the world that surrounds them. By learning about the Earth’s environment and wildlife in this teaching resource, and having an understanding of the eco-system, they can creatively express themselves through art and share with others how everyone can help the earth by being eco-friendly. Students will be introduced to amphibian photographers and artists, both classical and current.

Now Available on Createspace:

>> Frogs, Amphibians and Their Threatened Environment <<

Great for parents (home-schooling) too!

On Amazon too!

>> Frog Curriculum Book <<

In KINDLE format too!

>> Frog Teaching Resource <<


We have also published: Rainforest Frogs; 101 Wallace School Frogs; and in the works is Frogs & Company.
Visit our books page here >> Peaceful Frogs class on nature and art

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  1. Madam
    Wishes ….
    I am an art & craft tutor in a school.
    Kindly advice how to make aware of frogs through art to my students. Kindly make the contests much easier for students overseas by mode of e-submissions or by uploading in your websites. This could ease us to take part and enhance viewers to know more about your efforts.

  2. Dear Senthil,
    Our next contest (the 8th! year) will open in September. We will surely publicize when it’s open. I will consider ways to make entering easier. Thanks, Susan

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