Ecological art multimedia event in Janko Veselinovic school, Belgrade, Serbia

from Valentina Mirkovic

I want to share with you my impressions and to tell you that we performed our ecological-art event in our school. In fact, it turned into more of a lecture, because we decided to be much more serious this year. The only thing that we didn`t manage to do was to include 4th graders, but that would be something for the next time…

We chose Earth Day as the day for our performance. It was a public class, in the lobby, for all students and teachers. This time, we gave students a more scientific task. One group of children got to work on PP presentations and they had to explore the rainforest as a natural phenomenon from a geographical and biological point of view. And, of course with ecological aspects, in another words, what happens to nature due to pollution, greenhouse effect, global melting… etc. and what might become of our beautiful rainforests all over the world. What species are already extinct and which, unfortunately, will be, very likely…

After that serious and warning introduction, we continued, with a second group of students, and the story of the artistic side of the project. They explained what could be done and that art is one way to focus attention on the growing problem. Here, we devoted more talks about the international children`s art competition, which we`ve participated in for the second year, and about the whole idea of your site “Frogs Are Green” which inspired us.

Some of the kids presented their art works and spoke about the virtual gallery where ours and also artworks of other children from all over the world could be seen. At the end, two girls read your text, in English and Serbian, from the blog, “My green dream.” My colleagues and I thought that this letter is so universal and carries the thoughts that we share. And that would be it! We`re sending photos of all of us who participated and looking forward to some new cooperation and ideas in the future!

One more thing, one request! Could I ask for some sort of confirmation for us as teachers, that we, with our students participated in an international project. They are asking us that from our school administration. I have downloaded certificates for children, but, what do you think, whether they could be used for teachers too? If you think it is ok, then I could use those certificates, just with our names, teachers names… If you have any other idea or suggestion, let me know. In any case, I thank you once again for support and cooperation and I hope for new competitions and ideas about preservation of the living world on our Earth!!!!!

Bye, bye, With All the Best, Valentina (and Sanja, Nevena, Slavica and Zoran. Huge greetings from my collegues too !) p.s. I am the little black haired woman in the middle, with a yellow scarf.


After receiving this marvelous email we designed the certificates for the Teachers to receive as well!

Teaching certificate for Valentina Mirkovinc from Frogs Are Green!