Frogs Are Good For Your Garden

Frogs and toads are some of nicest critters you can attract in your garden as they can improve it great deal. They have true and undeniable value but are threatened by the constant increase of urbanization. Their habitats are shrinking at an alarming rate and thus reducing their chance of survival.

frogs and toads in your garden

So why not take steps in inviting them in your garden today? For one thing, they are amazing pest control predators. They feed on insects, such as cutworms, caterpillars, sow bugs and many more that can do harm to your garden. There have been reports of entire gardens destroyed by these bugs for a single night, and anything that can help prevent that from happening is to be loved and preferred over other animals. A single frog can eat over a hundred harmful insects a day, which is really a lot and enough in most cases to help you control this threat.

In order to ensure that frogs can perform their duty, you will need to create a suitable habitat for them. During the day, they like to sit under shady and cool areas, such as under trees and other high plants. There are many solutions that can be implemented in your garden which will offer not only proper shelter for frogs, but will also give your garden an innovative look. These animals also require water, so a pond of some sort is needed. Many professional and reliable gardeners share the opinion that there is nothing quite like having a garden pond in your backyard. It needs to have shallow edges to allow the amphibians to enter and leave as they please.

Toads and frogs can be a garden’s best friend and save you the need to spray with pesticides and other chemicals to protect from insects. If you like the calming and sometimes gentle sound of frogs, then smile the next time you see one in your garden.

Guest blog by Ella Andrews


2011 Frogs Are Green Kids' Art and Photo Contests Update

We were thrilled to receive an unprecedented number of entries for our 2011 contests. For our children’s art contest, we received 520 entries from 20 countries around the world! We’ve been so inspired by the imagination and creativity of the paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs we’ve received. Our photo contests also received 60+ images and amazing shots!

Right before the deadline we received several hundred more entries. We downloaded, sized, and labeled each piece of art. We did get all the entries into the galleries, but we feel we need more time to go carefully through each piece of art and photograph.

To that end, we have postponed announcing the winners of both contests until January 5th, 2012.

In the meantime, please check that your child’s artwork or your photographs are in the galleries. If you don’t see your entry there, let us know right away. By clicking on the left and right arrows, you will easily see all the entries or can pop a slideshow. The artwork and photography will be permanent “exhibits” on our site.

Also, if you would like to receive a free Frogs Are Green wristband for entering the contest, please be sure we have your address and verify the exact number of wristbands you need (if, for example, you are a teacher and sent in multiple entries from a school). Please put “wristband” in the subject line. (Note: we will use your address for this purpose only and won’t save it.)

2012 Kids Art Calendar by Frogs Are Green

We have created a 2012 Kids’ Art Calendar from the winning artwork from last year and would like to create one for 2013 during next year, so also let us know if we have permission use your child’s artwork. If you’d like to purchase the calendar or any of our Frogs Are Green products, that would sure help us pay for all those wristbands and postage! Proceeds go to environmental and amphibian conservation organizations. Thank you so much for making this year’s contests so exciting, we’re so happy to know you care.

Also, if you’d like to get involved, let us know what interests you and how you wish to help. Feel free to email us with your ideas! Sign up for our monthly email in the sidebar to the right and receive our FREE poster download of a red-eyed tree frog!