Winners 2013 Backyard Frogs Contest

In Jersey City backyards, it’s unlikely you’d find any frogs, but it’s wonderful to know that frog lovers all over DO!

The Winners of the 2013 Backyard Frogs Photography Contest.

1st Place: Wes Deyton, (Wesrule2601, Flickr) with this peeper.

1st winner - wesrule2601 - peeper frog

2nd Place: Olivia Brand

2nd place winner - Olivia Brand with frog

3rd Place: Koover Schmidt

3rd winner - Koover Schmidt with frog

Honorable Mention: Wes Deyton, (Wesrule2601, Flickr)

Honoable Mention - Wesrule2601 frog


Winners 2013 Frogs in the Wild Photography Contest

Thank you to all the frog lovers out there, who celebrate amphibians by photographing them so we can all share your discoveries.

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Frogs in the Wild contest:

1st Place: Sara Viernum, The Wandering Herpetologist with this Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) from near Montello, Wisconsin.

1st winner - Sara Viernum, grey tree frog

2nd Place: Paul, with his “resting frog” image.

2nd winner - Paul - resting frog

3rd Place: Geoffrey Giller with his “wood frog.”

3rd winner - Geoff - wood frog

Honorable Mention: Angie Schwartz

Honorable Mention - Angie Schwartz