Bartholomew’s Return Home

The story continues with Jack Stearns, a scientist and meteorologist, who had rescued a bullfrog (Bartholomew) in the middle of Winter.

We released Bart back to his pond a little while ago.

Enclosed are pictures of him in his carrier, sitting on the beach, and where he dove into.

I was going to switch to video after the second picture, but before I could he took a three foot leap into the pond and swam very strongly, diving into the debris on the bottom in the last picture. We were both surprised at how strong he was. I figured after a winter of hibernating he would just slowly walk into the water.

The good news from all this is that one can successfully hibernate frogs over the winter time. We had him for 3 months and 3 days and as you can see, he was none the worse for wear.

Our next project is to get a couple of bullfrog tadpoles from our local pond and put them in the tank and watch their transformation into frogs. I did this as a kid. My wife has never seen it so she thinks it would be cool to watch.

— Jack Stearns

Here is the original post when Bart (the bullfrog) was found: Mid-Winter Bullfrog Rescue

Below are a few photographs Jack kindly shared. (Good Luck Bart, we’re excited your journey continues!)