Coloring Book Artwork

Thanks to all the children (3-17) who sent in their artwork!

Most of the Black and White drawings will be included in Frogs Are Green’s 1st coloring book series!
We received close to 90 pieces.

Our publisher, My Fat Fox, has notified us that we have enough artwork for at least 4 volumes. (You can still send your black and white artwork and we’ll add them to the next volumes.)

Frogs Are Green is excited to share our first two volumes of coloring books, “FROG ART” to be published by My Fat Fox in the UK.

These books should be available Summer 2016!

FROG ART coloring book volume one from Frogs Are Green

Artwork top left and clockwise: Lee Xin Yee, 12 yrs old, Malaysia; Esmeralda Garcia, 14 yrs old, PS 23, Jersey City; Lee Xin Yee, 12 yrs old, Malaysia; Irtaza Azhar, 12 yrs old, PS 23, Jersey City. Cover design by Susan Newman.


FROG ART coloring book volume two by Frogs Are Green

Artwork top left and clockwise: Ruth Adelyne, 16 yrs old, Indonesia; Worth Lodriga, 7 yrs old, The Philippines; Shreeya Srikanth, 15 yrs old, India; Shristuti Srirapu, 9 yrs old, India. Cover design by Susan Newman.

(By entering, you grant Frogs Are Green permission to use your artwork. Credit to artist will be included.)

Black and White drawing theme:

Frogs and Water!

Your artwork can be about frogs, amphibians, rainforests, climate change, pollution, etc… and how you (or all of us) can help them.

Learn about where frogs live; streams, ponds, rainforests… we have posted a few articles to guide you:

Water Issues and Amphibians – Blogs by Frogs Are Green

To enter the contest, you join the kids art contest group on Flickr and just upload your entries. Each child can submit up to 3 artworks. Teachers can upload student’s work and parents can upload their children’s work. If you are in a country where you cannot view Flickr, you can email your digital image to Frogs Are Green along with the child’s name, age and country, and we will add the image to the group.

Submit your black and white/color drawings here:

Frogs Are Green Coloring Books

Thanks, Susan Newman, founder, Frogs Are Green, Inc. – A New Jersey nonprofit organization.

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