How To Get Safer And Cleaner Drinking Water For Your Home

Are you concerned about the safety of your drinking water? The Flint water crisis has brought issues of drinking water quality into sharp focus. We all need water to live – so how can you make sure the water you drink is safe and healthy for your body and the environment? Earth’s Most Precious Resource […]


City of Water Day in Hoboken

Yesterday was the City of Water Day all around New York and Hoboken, New Jersey. Frogs Are Green was invited to participate so we could share our educational materials and inspire children to draw frogs. (Frogs love water, you know.) As you can see from this little gallery, we had children visit our tent all […]


Does Fracking Threaten Drinking Water?

There is a lot of debate about fracking in the United States right now. There are valid arguments and scientific studies on both sides of the argument. This can make it hard to figure out who’s ultimately correct. On one hand, environmental activists argue that fracking is responsible for the pollution of drinking water. They […]


Frogs and Water Quality

Yesterday, in class with the Cloud Institute and Sustainable Jersey (NJ Learns), each student got to briefly share their project, so I was describing the Frogs Are Green mission and projects on the agenda for 2015. My teacher Jaimie P. Cloud, challenged me with this question. “Much of what Frogs Are Green is about is […]


Colorful Catch Basins around Jersey City Star a Red-eyed Tree Frog

Jersey City, have you seen all the colorful images painted on catch basins all around town? Our city wants residents and business owners to “adopt a catch basin.” When Frogs Are Green heard about this program, in which artists decorate these basins with whatever images you suggest, we claimed a drain, and now the corner […]


2017 Photography Contest – Amphibians & Reptiles

Announcing the Winners of the Amphibian and Reptile Photo Contest hosted by Frogs Are Green! >>> Visit The Winners >>> 2017 Amphibian and Reptile Photo Contest!!! &nbsp: Calling All Amphibian & Reptile Lovers! 2017 Frogs Are Green Photography Contest This years theme is… Amphibians & Reptiles! Yes, you can enter any amphibian or reptile photo! […]