Frog Gifts for the Holidays 2012

One of our favorite posts is the annual Frogs Are Green frog gifts holiday extravaganza. What could be more fun that picking and choosing fun frog gifts for the holidays? Click on the pictures below to connect to the sites (Pier 1, Amazon, Target, and so on). Enjoy!

Little Stuff

Frog Mug (Pier 1)

Toad Abode (Pier 1)

Toads in your garden will consume all sorts of pesky insects. They need a shallow pond and some shelter to thrive, so set this colorful ceramic toad house near the habitat and wait. It may take a year, but your yard will soon be hoppin’.

Frog Egg Timer (Amazon)

Susan gave me one of these and I use it every day. So much more fun than your usual boring egg timer.

For the Youngest Frog Lovers

Toddler Blanket Sleeper (Amazon)

Plush Frog (Amazon)

It was tough picking out my favorite stuffed frog, but I liked this one. One of the reviewers on Amazon said, “This little frog is adorable and very well-made. My baby has loved it since he first saw it in his Easter basket at 6 months old. He sleeps with it, sucks on it, flings it around, hits the side of his crib with it, etc. It’s been washed many times and still looks new. Best of all, it’s a safe toy as the eyes are stitching, not beads or buttons. It’s small and travels well.”

For Kids

What kid can resist frog rain boots? Just perfect for a rainy day.

Kids’ Rain Boots (Target)

A Frog Book (Target)

It’s Bertha’s day to try out for the prestigious frog choir, but when she sings…the other frogs cover their ears!

For Adults

Women’s Rain Boots (Target)

Who said only kids can enjoy splashing in puddles in frog rain boots?

Armchair Learning—Kids and Adults

How about learning to identify some frogs this winter before spring comes?

300 Frogs (Barnes and Noble)

Enjoy the holidays!