Bullfrogs, Toads and Grey Tree Frogs in Massachusetts

The story continues with Jack Stearns, a scientist and meteorologist in Massachusetts, who had rescued a Bullfrog (Bartholomew) last Winter, updates us on his progress along with a discovery of Grey Tree Frogs in the area.

Bart must be happy back in his pond as my wife hears deep croaking when she walks by the pond at lunch time. It has to be Bart! Also seen has been a big bullfrog near the spot where we let him go and he makes quite a splash when he jumps into the pond.
Another story involves a Gray Tree Frog. My wife works as a receptionist and is located in a huge lobby which has a big indoor garden, complete with trees and many plants. A couple of years ago a Gray Tree Frog got in and took up residence and proceeded to serenade the guards at night. It took them months to figure out what the noise was since the chirping resonates in the big lobby. He only hibernated for two months and came out in February to start singing again. It was weird to see snow falling and hearing this frog chirp. In fact, that was his name, Chirp.

He disappeared in the spring and we figure he got out the same way he got in, under the door that is right by the indoor garden.

Grey Tree Frog in Massachusetts by Jack Stearns
Well it looks like history is repeating itself. Above is a picture of a very young tree frog who got into the lobby. After this picture was taken he proceeded to scurry up the wall behind him into the indoor garden. Apparently a few others have been seen entering as well, especially at night. No noise yet, but I figure that by early spring there will be another chorus of tree frogs in the solarium. There is plenty for them to eat as they have been observed close to the outdoor window, snagging bugs that land there.
The frog population may be declining but not around where my wife works. The underground garage has lots of toads in the summer season who know that bugs are attracted by the lights and the toads come in for a quick meal. Everyone is careful of the toads when walking around the garage and there have been very few fatalities.
— Jack Stearns