Save Northern Leopard Frogs (and Protect Human Health)

A reader of FROGS ARE GREEN sent along information about a petition sponsored by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund:

Endosulfan is a deadly poison that has been banned across the European Union and in many other countries, but not the U.S. This deadly poison is extremely dangerous for frogs, birds… and even people who are exposed to it.

Even low doses of endosulfan can be fatal to species like the threatened northern leopard frog, which is already in decline. In humans, endosulfan can cause birth defects and other health risks. In extreme cases, endosulphan exposure can cause unconsciousness and even death.

The U.S. has yet to take endosulfan off the market, but with your help we can change things for northern leopard frogs, farm workers and others threatened by this dangerous pesticide.

The deadline for public comments is Monday, June 29. Please urge the EPA to help protect our health, our environment, and our frogs by banning endosulfan.

They are trying to get 5000 signatures and so far have 1551. Please add your signature!

Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Leopard Frog