A – Z Frog Species: Spring Peeper – Pseudacris crucifer

Spring Peeper

Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) is a tiny little chorus frog found across most of the eastern U.S. and Canada. Tan with a dark cross on its back they are often less than an inch in length. Making home to a number of wetland environments they prefer semi-wooded areas and must lay their eggs in an aquatic location. Feeding on a variety of invertebrates they can often be found near lights in warm summer months where all sorts of bugs gather. Capable of surviving temperatures as low as -8 dC they hibernate under logs or beneath lose bark. One of the greatest sounds of spring, their call, signals warm weather is here!

Coyote Peterson with frog
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2 thoughts on “A – Z Frog Species: Spring Peeper – Pseudacris crucifer

  1. Got a mystery for you. Maybe you can solve it! We live in Charlotte NC in an apartment complex that has a 2 acre pond, surrounded by old growth trees, with geese, turtles, ducks, lizards and plenty of tree dwelling birds too. We’ve been curious about a sound but we haven’t been able to determine what species it’s coming from. It bellows this one note four times; a cello- sounding honk. It’s pitch does not rise and fall. It sounds like a cello bow is dragged over one string in quarter or half time (quick, but not nervous). The notes do not change – always low and deep. Seems like whatever It is, it makes the sounds due to a big air pocket. It’s timing is quite random, but frequent. It seems to be eminating close to the ground, around the shallow side of the pond, in the same general area each time – not a whole lot of movement. It happens throughout the day – not just at night. What do you think? Can you name that animal?

  2. Hello Aliza,
    Would you be able to send us (through email) a short audio recording? That might help us figure it out!
    Meanwhile, I’ll share this query on our Facebook page and see if our colleagues and fans have any ideas!

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