Frog-Friendly Gardens

For most people making your garden a friendly area for frogs seems like a strange idea, but what we often don’t have is understanding. These often misunderstood amphibians are one of the nicest critters you can attract to your garden. In many ways frogs can be amazing survivors, however changing habitats over the years have […]


8th Annual Photography Contest

Announcing the WINNERS of the 2016 Contests! Congrats to you all! WINNERS of the (2016) 8th Annual Photo Contests ************************************************************* Calling All Frog Lovers! 8th Annual Frogs Are Green Photography Contest Contest theme: FROGS and BUGS! Your photos can be about frogs, amphibians, bugs, insects, rainforests, climate change, pollution, deforestation, drought, natural habitats, etc… and […]


7th Annual Kids Art Contest

Announcing the WINNERS of the 2016 Contests! Congrats to you all! WINNERS of the (2016) 7th Annual Kids Art Contest Download the participation certificate for 2016’s contest. Carefully print out and write your child or student’s name in. 2016-FRG-Certification-Participation ***************************************************** Calling all children, ages 3-17! Enter your best artwork into our 7th Annual Frogs Are […]


Peaceful Frogs

Frogs Are Green provides children ages 3-6 with classes that include mindfulness (awareness), environmental/nature education and creative art in Jersey City Heights and Hoboken. Cultivating creative self expression and exercise are linked to creating lifelong learners. Studies show kids need more art and movement on a regular basis to enhance creativity. Peaceful Frogs is committed […]


7 Garden Maintenance Tips in Autumn

As Autumn approaches in Melbourne, many householders are starting to prepare their gardens for the colder months and taking care of the little jobs that may have passed them by. The season plays an important role in how well your plants, trees and foliage will do during the winter time, so with 7 simple preparation […]


The Perfect Pond for You and the Environment

Garden’s say a lot about their owners. You can see a reflection of the owner’s personality in how their garden is presented. If you see a garden that is frequently maintained and full of life and colour it’s more likely that the owner is a keen gardener, or maybe just has the time to dedicate […]