Swimming Pool Becomes a Frog Breeding Pool

A frog loving fan, James, called the other day to report on what he discovered when he visited his Mother’s pool. It seems that during Superstorm Sandy, the covering of the pool ripped and since there was a separation the frogs began creeping in and under the covering. Since they hadn’t been to the home in a while, they didn’t know this was happening. Being back at the home now, there are thousands of frogs in different stages of development.

green frog in swimming pool

by James

I have noticed little tiny frogs sitting on the sides of the walls where the liner touches the ground. They all look so fragile and everything is complicated to touch. I just hope they realize the opening is there if they need to come out.

I did see one jump back from the concrete back into the pool onto the first step when he saw me. That’s how I took the picture. I wanted to put something in the water to float but you can’t throw things in because there are so many. I have to try and place it in but the water is so low. This is a job for specialists because if you use nets in the water you will get tadpoles in all different stages. I have never seen anything like it and the frogs that have developed are tiny. They can fit on the tip of your finger. that’s how big the frog is of the picture I sent to you.

I called Peta today but they were busy and couldn’t talk to me. If you were standing in front the of pool you would say “OMG.” You can’t tell in the pictures. When you are standing in front of the pool looking closely you can see them all.

I feel bad because there are tiny green ones sitting on the step and side of the pool and I’m not sure what their game plan is. I opened part of the liner in case they want to climb out.

I didn’t know frogs need to sleep on something so I suspected they might be on the steps since the water is low. When I looked at the steps in the pool I saw many almost developed in the water, some clinging on the side of the pool, and others were sitting on the steps.

I opened the pool cover in the corner where the steps are located to see if any of them climbed out. I was going to put a back wash hose in the water and lead it out to the ground so they can walk on it and out of the pool. i don’t know if this is a good thing to do because there aren’t any ponds around and people are always cutting their grass. plus its hard to even put anything in because there are so many and they can get hurt. If I put the back wash hose in then I would have to do it very slowly. They ones on the steps were all looking at me while I was trying to take their picture.

I sent his story to a few experts and here’s a response from
Keith Gisser
, Herpetologist, Herps Alive! Foundation

I would certainly call Wildlife Management. It is unlikely you are the only one. Having said that, this sounds like toads or (if they are bright green) gray tree frogs. There is a reason they all emerge at the same time and that is so that a few of them make it.

Moving these guys is pretty easy. I would use a fish net and a couple rubbermaid tubs with the water they are in. Just scoop ’em up – froglets in one, tadpoles in the other and get them to a suitable habitat nearby.

Do you have the same issue?

Do you have any suggestions that can help James?

swimming pool becomes breeding pool for frogs