Frogs Are Green is a New Jersey nonprofit organization bringing awareness and education to the local and global community through science and art. This small, yet committed organization has many annual projects and new initiatives in the works, so please support our mission and help us achieve our goals. Visit our events page to see all that is planned for 2015!

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Under Development
Currently available FREE!!! is a teaching school curriculum, K-3 called: Frogs, Amphibians and Their Threatened Environment – Discovery and Expression Through Art. This is a six-week course that coordinates the study of environmental science with art education. Each week of scientific study will be followed by an interesting and unique art project. In addition, the future plan is to convert it into an e-book and print a paperback version as well. PowerPoint presentations and materials for advertising and promotion are available.

Current Presentations and Annual Events
Circulating to schools, libraries and galleries is “Green Dream.” An international (and local) amphibian and environmental art exhibition. Presentation and talk about the issues frogs face as well as showcasing the amazing artwork being created annually by children 3-16 for the Frogs Are Green Kids Art Contest. Look at our events page for 2015.

Help us to be all that we envision to be.

— Susan Newman, Founder