Learn About Frogs and Art

Frogs Are Green founder Susan Newman is bringing amphibian education plus art classes to schools, community and art centers in the Jersey City, Hoboken and the New York area.

It’s important for children to learn about the environmental problems around the world and what they can do to help.

Included in this 60-75 minute class, students will:

  • learn about frogs and amphibians
  • learn about where frogs and amphibians live in the wild
  • view images of real frogs in the wild
  • view video if the internet and smart board are available
  • view some of the frog art created by children around the world
  • create an original artwork
  • learn self-expression through creativity
  • learn about art materials, colors, shapes and composition

Contact Susan Newman today to schedule a frog education plus art class in your school or community center.

Looking to engage children this year? Just contact me.

jersey city student with city of trees art

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