Peaceful Frogs

Frogs Are Green provides children ages 3-6 with classes that include mindfulness (awareness), environmental/nature education and creative art in Jersey City Heights and Hoboken.

Cultivating creative self expression and exercise are linked to creating lifelong learners.

Studies show kids need more art and movement on a regular basis to enhance creativity.

Peaceful Frogs is committed to inspiring children to become lifelong learners.

Peaceful Frogs classroom and children at Little Bee Learning Studio:


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Peaceful Frogs Unites Yoga and Art – ThisLearning

Peaceful Frogs: Yoga, Art, Nature – Growing in Jersey City

Attention, children ages 3-6!

(New)*Mondays, at 2:45-4:00pm (at 522 Jefferson Street) and
Tuesdays at 2:45-4:00pm (163 4th Street) in Hoboken, NJ

Each class has a maximum of five spots to assure your child get individual attention!

>> Peaceful Frogs at Little Bee Learning Studio  << at

Little Bee Learning Studio

163 4th street and 522 Jefferson Street in Hoboken, NJ

Testimonial from Melissa Azzarto:

“We love the Little Bee Learning Studio!! My 4 year old daughter has been taking the Peaceful Frogs Nature & Art class and has so much fun. The teachers are engaging and attentive — great combo class! Every day my daughter asks if it’s time for her class. Returning for the next session for sure!”

Susan teaches art to children 3-6 at Little Bee's Learning Studio

Susan teaches art to children 3-6 at Little Bee’s Learning Studio

Call Susan (Frogs Are Green) at 201-306-2618 or email us at


The 1.25 hr class includes:

    Part One: Frogs Are Green will educate about the natural world. The environment including trees and forests, wildlife including frogs, sea life, turtles, birds, etc. (See curriculum list below for areas of study.)

    Part Two: Students will create an original artwork that expresses what they’ve learned from the day’s activities.

    Students will use assorted materials:

    • Colored pencils, crayons, pastels, paint, markers, paper
    • Stencils, stickers, glitter, confetti, etc.
    • Words, phrases or poetry that add meaning to their artwork

    *The artworks will be photographed and added to an online gallery for their family and friends to enjoy.

    6-week curriculum – Grouping A

    Frogs and the Rainforest
    Trees and Urban Forests
    Honey Bees and Crops
    Sea Life and Coral Reefs
    Turtles and/or Birds
    Our Place in Nature (reuse, reduce, recycle)

    6-week curriculum – Grouping B

    Dinosaurs (fossils, etc.)
    Herbs, Plants and Natural Remedies
    Sea Creatures (sea dragons, etc.)
    Different types of Gardens (roof gardens, vertical gardens, vegetable gardens, floral gardens…)
    Space (stars, planets… our place in the universe)
    Environmental problems (climate change, etc.)




4 thoughts on “Peaceful Frogs

    • Michelle, we are discussing that and will post that soon. Currently, the first class is free! – Susan

  1. Frogs Are Green is cutting edge learning for youth. Jamie is a more than a dedicated founder of this program (Peaceful Frogs and Mindful Play Yoga), she truly has her mind, soul and heart dedicated to helping your child be healthy and happy by introducing activities that cannot be found in his/her schools!

    Visit and get involved!

    Carla Kelley
    The Human Rights Education Center

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