7th Annual Frogs Are Green Photography Contest

Calling All Frog Lovers!

7th Annual Frogs Are Green Photo Contest


The Winners of the 2015 Contests

Backyard Frogs and Frogs in The Wild Winners

Contest theme:

Frogs and Water!

Learn about where frogs live; streams, ponds, rainforests… we have posted a few articles to guide you:

Water Issues and Amphibians – Blogs by Frogs Are Green


Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2015 and the winners will be announced by January 15, 2016. The winners will be featured in a blog post. Many of the submitted photographs are shared online, through our website, social media and in awareness materials. (By entering, you grant Frogs Are Green permission to share your photo. Credit to photographer will be included.)

Enter the >> Backyard Frogs Photo Contest 2015 << Now!

Enter the >> Frogs in the Wild Photo Contest 2015 << Now!



Entry Rules:

We will be accepting submissions in two categories: Frogs in the Wild and Backyard Frogs. Backyard Frog photos would include such photos as a frog perched on your picnic table or other unusual place. One year, for example, we received a photo of a frog sitting on a pool hose. Frogs in the Wild photos, on the other hand, should feature frogs, toads, or other amphibians in their natural habitat: frog ponds, marshes, in the woods, and so on. ***Be sure to upload your image to the right gallery and not both!***

PLEASE! NO photo manipulation and no photos of pet frogs. Please do not move the frog to get a better photo. Photos of amphibians of all kinds, including salamanders, will be accepted.

If you cannot view Flickr where you are located, just email your digital entries to Frogs Are Green and we will upload your images to the Flickr group gallery. You must share your Full Name and from what State or Country the image was taken. You may also enter a caption to help describe or place the image. ****Note: You DO NOT need to have an email with Yahoo to enter! Just look on the Sign In/Sign Up on Flickr and you’ll see other email options!

The 1st place winners will receive a Frogs Are Green poster or t-shirt of his/her choice from the Frogs Are Green store. Winners will be judged in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention categories.

7th annual frogs are green photo contest poster

Click here to download the PDF poster for displaying in schools, libraries and other community spaces.
>> 7th-Annual-Frogs-Are-Green-Photo-Contest <<

Endorsed by: Amphibian Ark, Save the Frogs, City of Jersey City, City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Camp Liberty, Parc Mitsinjo, National Wildlife Federation and ACSAM 2.



For those of you who have never photographed an amphibian, here are some tips from the book Frogs: A Chorus of Colors by John and Deborah Behler, which has a chapter on photographing these elusive and well-camouflaged creatures:

• Try to learn about the animal first. What is its habitat? When are they active?
• Walk slowly and stop frequently (it helps to have someone with you who is less than 3 feet tall and has sharp eyes). Frogs and toads blend in so well that they are hard to find. Be alert for subtle movements.
• In summer, you might find the sit-and-wait frog predators hanging out on the edges of ponds and lakes.
• Be aware of the position of the sun. Avoid taking pictures at midday on bright sunny days. In the morning, face east and it will keep sunlight from coming into your lens and washing out your photos.
• Don’t necessarily put the subject in the middle of the photo. Keep the whole animal in the photo, but compose the picture so the background tells a story.
• Bracket your photos, i.e., take the same shot with different settings. Also, try taking a flash photo. Without a flash, animals in photos may look lifeless and poorly lighted.
• Try to be on the same level as your subject.
• State parks, bird sanctuaries, and wildlife refuges are good places to find amphibians.

Now’s your chance during the warmer months to snap up those winning images!

Enter the >> Backyard Frogs Photo Contest 2015 << Now!

Enter the >> Frogs in the Wild Photo Contest 2015 << Now!


Judges for 2015:

Florence Pape, Hudson Theatre EnsembleFlorence Pape, Director of Development, Hudson Theatre Ensemble
Florence Pape has served  as  Director of Development of Hudson Theatre Ensemble & Silly on Sixth for the last 15 years and loves working with her dear friend, Diana London, who is  Artistic Producer of the company.  She has numerous Hudson Theatre Ensemble and Silly on Sixth credits and has also worked with Hoboken Public Library, Cantigas Choir, Kismet Productions, gaia Theater, Phoenix Theatre Ensemble Family Series, Parlour Productions, and soon Garden Street School of the Performing Arts.  In her free time, she is a volunteer for the New York branch of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition where she does outreach, promotes awareness, and raises funds.



Bea Rigsby-Kunz, Sage Hill FarmBea Rigsby-Kunz, Sage Hill Herb Farm
Bea Kunz was born into and continues to promote a generational farm family. Mother of two successful sons, grandmother of three grandsons. Member of a large, closely connected family.

Bea served at the local and state level of Parent-Teacher Associations from 1972-1976.

Bea continued on-going education in Early Childhood studies from 1975-2000 while owning, operating and teaching at the “BusyBee Pre-school and Day Care.” 1975-2000.

The last two years of teaching were in North Carolina where she/her school were chosen through the NC board of  day care educators to host a new program–integrating a totally deaf child into the regular classroom by way of using the Cochlear Implant ( at the time, untested in classroom use. ) The project was a total success and the child remained in our school for 2 years.

Bea now owns and works Sage Hill Herb Farm… back to her Generational farm family roots.


Matt Ellerbeck, Save the SalamandersMatt Ellerbeck, Save the Salamanders
Matt Ellerbeck is a Salamander Conservationist based in Ontario, Canada. He focuses on outreach education to help raise awareness of the threats that salamanders face, and inform individuals about actions that can aid the recovery of these amphibians (i.e habitat stewardship). His efforts to help salamanders have earned him the Education Award from the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation. Matt is also a partner of the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), which is the world’s largest partnership for amphibian conservation.




Irwin Quagmire WartIrwin Quagmire Wart, Children’s Book Author
Irwin Quagmire Wart is an author of fun and educational books for children. He has been writing for five years and has published four books. Irwin currently resides near Austin, Texas and lives with his human assistant. Irwin is deeply committed to teaching children about the necessity of environmental stewardship, as well as helping them understand why we all need to help protect wildlife. Irwin supports several nonprofit organizations that work towards making Planet Earth a better place for all sentient creatures. When he’s not writing, Irwin enjoys reading, swimming, traveling, and spending time with family and friends in his native Land of Lily Pad. To learn more about Irwin and his books, please visit his website at www.irwinquagmirewart.com.



David Veljacic with alligatorDavid Veljacic, Nature Lover
Dave Veljacic is a naturalist who has been lucky enough to have been involved with a variety of education, conservation, and research projects working with a range of animals from fish to amphibians and reptiles, migratory song birds, to insects. While his home base is Vancouver his work has allowed him to travel and collaborate with leaders in their fields. Dave loves all wildlife but has a special affinity for frogs and toads.






Susan Newman – Host and Supervisor
Founder, Frogs Are Green
Susan Newman, Founder of Frogs Are Green photographed by Alyssa Bredin in Riverview Park Jersey CitySusan Newman, a Brand Visibility Designer and environmentalist, is the founder of FROGS ARE GREEN and spends her days showing how she feels about the Earth and spreading the awareness that we need to save frogs and amphibians.

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Susan spent her early career working as a graphic designer and art director for various NYC publishers, including Macmillan and Penguin. In 1994, she established her own design firm, Susan Newman Design, Inc., and builds brands near and far.

Susan has donated her design work to various organizations including: Save The Frogs, Parc Mitsinjo, ACSAM (A Conservation Strategy for the Amphibians of Madagascar), Hoboken 9/11 Memorial Committee, Jubilee Center Hoboken for Children, The Central Avenue Special Improvement District, Actors Shakespeare Company, Hudson Theatre Ensemble, Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement and The Ring of Hope Campaign.

5 thoughts on “7th Annual Frogs Are Green Photography Contest

  1. Fantastic! This is going to be so much fun and educational beyond imagination !

    So very pleased to be a part…thank you Susan Newman…for the invite and for all you do to save the frogs!

  2. Bea, thank you for wanting to participate! Each year this event gains more momentum and I can’t wait to see what comes in! – Susan

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  4. It’s a great contest for kids. I wonder when the contest is to begin in 2016? Is it an annual contest?

  5. Sandy, The contest will open again on September 1, 2016. More details will be posted soon. We have secured most of our judges for 2016! Now to build out the web page with all those details! – Susan

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