Winners 2013 Kids Art Contest

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Kids’ Art Contest!

Children from countries around the world celebrated frogs and amphibians by drawing, painting, and sculpting remarkable creations. The variety of medium and style was overwhelming and there were 450 entries uploaded! Thank you to all the parents and teachers who aided these children to enter, taught them more about frogs and how they can help them, making this year’s contest another fabulous success! It was very difficult to choose from among all the unique entries. So incredibly creative and inspiring. Please be sure to enter again next year and don’t forget to contact founder, Susan Newman at Frogs Are Green if you would like your Winning Certificate!

The Winners are as follows:

2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 3-6:

1st Winner: Mia Dmnjanovic, 6 years, Serbia

1st Winner age 6 Mia Dmnjanovic, kids art contest

2nd Winner: Bosco Chung, 5 years, Hong Kong

2nd winner, age 5, Bosco, Hong Kong, kids art contest

3rd Winner: Sophia Blanck, 6 years, Macedonia

3rd winner, age 6, Sophia Blanck, Macedonia, kids art contest

Honorable Mention:

Dusa, 5 years, Serbia

Dusa, 5 yrs, Serbia, kids art contest

Charmaine Tsang Pui Ting, 5 years, Hong Kong

Charmaine Tsang Pui Ting, 5 yrs, Hong Kong, kids art contest


2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 7-9:

1st Winner: Matthew L, 8 years, Creative Minds Art Studio, Portland, Oregon, USA

1st winnner, Matthew L., 8 yrs, Oregon, USA, Kids Art Contest

2nd Winner (and Winner of BEST ENVIRONMENTAL): Tiffany Li, 9 years, USA

2nd Winner, Tiffany Li, 9yrs, USA, Kids Art Contest

3rd Winner: Karina Gnatova, 9 years, Estonia

3rd winner, Karina Gnatova, 9yrs, Estonia, kids art contest

Honorable Mention:

Charmaine Yuxin Wong, 8 years, Singapore

Charmaine Yuxin Wong, 8 yrs, Singapore, kids art contest

Nadine Leevand Balezin, 9 years, Estonia

Nadine Leevand Balezin, 9 yrs, Estonia, Kids art contest


2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 10-12:

1st Winner: Beata Lastovko, 10 years, Estonia

1st winner, Beata Lastovko, age 10, Estonia, kids art contest

2nd Winner: Jelizaveta Jerina, 11 years, Estonia

2nd winner - jerina jelizaveta, 11 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,

3rd Winner: Jekaterina Poljakova, 10 years, Estonia

3rd winner- jekaterina poljakova, 10 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,

Honorable Mention:

Alisa Jerina, 13 years, Estonia (Had to include this beautiful image, even though Alisa is 13)

alisa jerina, 13 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,


2013 Kids Art Contest – Best Black and White

Valentinas Skalandis, 11 years, Kaunas Art, Lithuania

Skalandis Valentinas, 11 yrs, Lithuania, kids art contest,


2013 Kids Art Contest – Best 3D

Sami, 11 years, USA

Sami, 11 yrs, USA, best 3d art, kids art contest

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  2. Hi
    My daughter is leaning about using different medium of art like clay, acrylic color, mosaic using tiles and oil/ water color . I would like Her to participate in age appropriate contest . Pl provide me all the info about how to registrar and all . Thanks .

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