Winners 2016 Kids Art Contest

Frogs Are Green thanks all the children from around the world for participating in our annual Kids Art Contest! The variety of subject, medium and cultural diversity made choosing incredibly hard! We also thank the parents and teachers that helped children learn more about frogs and bugs!

This year we received 1441 artworks from 32 countries and almost every state in the USA! Here in New Jersey I’m proud to share that the Wallace Elementary School of Hoboken submitted 400 artworks! That is a school project to be proud of! Jersey City students also turned in approximately 75 artworks! We also received quite a lot of artwork from China, Sri Lanka and Turkey, so you will see we selected the best of each of these countries also.

We want to thank the judges and we applaud them in choosing from a field of exceptional artworks: Jonathan Kolby, Geoff Mosher, Pam Andes, Bethe Ann Schwartz, Erin A. Delaney, Sigrid Shreeve, and Valerie Clark.

All winners receive a custom certificate based on how you placed, so email us to receive yours. The 1st place winners in each of the 4 age groups receive prizes, so email us!

And now for the winners… (wait for the page to load!!)

WINNERS by Age Group and Categories

Age Group 3-6

1st Place: Aneesha Kakar, 6 years old, Oman
2nd Place: Aliya Sakina Murdoko, 6 years old, Indonesia
3rd Place: W. W. Lakindu Chamindra Mendis, 6 years old, Sri Lanka

Honorable Mentions:

Chiang Ka Wong, 6 yrs old, Chong Hok Tong Education Center, Hong Kong, China
Elizaveta Krivonos, 6 years old, Russia
Hailey Kang, 6 years old, CA, USA
Nicole Zhang, 6 years old, New York, USA

 Age Group 7-9

1st Place: Worth Lodriga, 7 years old, The Philippines
2nd Place: Eunice Shin, 9 years old, CA, USA
3rd Place: Daniel Myoung, 9 years old, USA
4th Place: Chaewon Yoon, 7 years old, CA, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Gayeong Song, 9 years old, CA, USA
Irmak Yesim Gelirli, 9 years old, Turkey
Junu Sim, 9 Years Old, Wallace School, Hoboken, NJ, USA

 Age Group 10-12

1st Place: Minju Kim, 11 years old, USA
2nd Place: Zakiyah Hasanah, 12 years old, Indonesia
3rd Place: Shreya Venkatesh, 11 years old, India

Honorable Mentions: (We had over 600 artworks in this group, so awarding more!)

Christine Cho, 10 years old, CA, USA
Gusti Ayu Wedha Putri Surya, 10 years old, Indonesia
Icheng Huang, 11 years old, USA
Iris Yoon, 10 years old, USA
Jiyoon Lee, 10 years old, CA, USA
Minsoo Jung, 11 years old, USA
Nathan Kim, 12 years old, USA
Tanzina Tajrin Ede, 12 years old, Akibuki Art Academy, Bangladesh (2 pieces)
William Kim, 11 years old, USA

Age Group 13-17

1st Place: Ian Lee, 15 years old, MA, USA
2nd Place: Thomas Kim, 16 years old, USA
3rd Place: George Azmy, 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Honorable Mentions:

Colin Song, 14 years old, NJ, USA
Paula Nataniela Roba, 15 years old, Latvia
Shanmukh Gollu, 16 years old, India

Best Elder/Student Collaboration

1st Place: Siah Pei Shan, 6 years old and Ooi Ling Ling, 40 years old, Malaysia
2nd Place: Ava Paulsen, 7 years old and Charles Vicker (Grandpa), CA, USA
3rd Place: Ioanna Lepetsou, 3.5 years old and Katerina Vassilikopoulou, 39 years old, Greece

Best 3D Artwork

1st Place: Paula Nataniela Roba, 15 years old, Latvia
2nd Place: Ioana Vallimaresca, 15 years old, Romania
3rd Place: Elizaveta Krivonus, 6 years old, Russia

Honorable Mentions:

Milla Van Der Walt, 9 years old, Australia
Misa Eunbi, 5 years old, Australia
Sara Lee Farrer, 9 years old, CA, USA

Best Environmental Artwork

1st Place: Vanessa Qiu, 14 years old, NJ, USA
2nd Place: Annie Chang, 15 years old, USA
3rd Place: Colin Song, 14 years old, NJ, USA

Honorable Mentions:

George Liu, 15 years old, NJ, USA
Joey Song, 12 years old, CA, USA
Kareem Brock, 17 years old, Liberty HS, JC, NJ, USA
Laura Liu, 10 years old, NJ, USA
Madonna Botros, 17 years old, Liberty HS, JC, NJ, USA
Yagmur Kaskan, 9 years old, Turkey

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Thank you John Crittenden for this lovely statement! (Originally posted on Facebook.)

“Spreading art and joy around the world feels especially good at this uncertain time in American history. Congratulations to Frogs Are Green for another successful contest. Fourteen hundred entries from kids in 32 countries means the mission of spreading environmental awareness among the younger generation is being accomplished. Click the links and enlarge your own awareness of beauty, nature and how expressive kids can be.

And check out the ways you can support the mission. Stepping up for Frogs Are Green is one form of #Resistance to the ignorance and denial of facts that spurs the ongoing habitat destruction in our natural world. I’m happy to stand in the light of Susan Newman, the founder. She’s one more example of how much positive change one person can make in the world if they reach out via the Internet.”


Winners 2013 Kids Art Contest

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Kids’ Art Contest!

Children from countries around the world celebrated frogs and amphibians by drawing, painting, and sculpting remarkable creations. The variety of medium and style was overwhelming and there were 450 entries uploaded! Thank you to all the parents and teachers who aided these children to enter, taught them more about frogs and how they can help them, making this year’s contest another fabulous success! It was very difficult to choose from among all the unique entries. So incredibly creative and inspiring. Please be sure to enter again next year and don’t forget to contact founder, Susan Newman at Frogs Are Green if you would like your Winning Certificate!

The Winners are as follows:

2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 3-6:

1st Winner: Mia Dmnjanovic, 6 years, Serbia

1st Winner age 6 Mia Dmnjanovic, kids art contest

2nd Winner: Bosco Chung, 5 years, Hong Kong

2nd winner, age 5, Bosco, Hong Kong, kids art contest

3rd Winner: Sophia Blanck, 6 years, Macedonia

3rd winner, age 6, Sophia Blanck, Macedonia, kids art contest

Honorable Mention:

Dusa, 5 years, Serbia

Dusa, 5 yrs, Serbia, kids art contest

Charmaine Tsang Pui Ting, 5 years, Hong Kong

Charmaine Tsang Pui Ting, 5 yrs, Hong Kong, kids art contest


2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 7-9:

1st Winner: Matthew L, 8 years, Creative Minds Art Studio, Portland, Oregon, USA

1st winnner, Matthew L., 8 yrs, Oregon, USA, Kids Art Contest

2nd Winner (and Winner of BEST ENVIRONMENTAL): Tiffany Li, 9 years, USA

2nd Winner, Tiffany Li, 9yrs, USA, Kids Art Contest

3rd Winner: Karina Gnatova, 9 years, Estonia

3rd winner, Karina Gnatova, 9yrs, Estonia, kids art contest

Honorable Mention:

Charmaine Yuxin Wong, 8 years, Singapore

Charmaine Yuxin Wong, 8 yrs, Singapore, kids art contest

Nadine Leevand Balezin, 9 years, Estonia

Nadine Leevand Balezin, 9 yrs, Estonia, Kids art contest


2013 Kids Art Contest – Ages 10-12:

1st Winner: Beata Lastovko, 10 years, Estonia

1st winner, Beata Lastovko, age 10, Estonia, kids art contest

2nd Winner: Jelizaveta Jerina, 11 years, Estonia

2nd winner - jerina jelizaveta, 11 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,

3rd Winner: Jekaterina Poljakova, 10 years, Estonia

3rd winner- jekaterina poljakova, 10 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,

Honorable Mention:

Alisa Jerina, 13 years, Estonia (Had to include this beautiful image, even though Alisa is 13)

alisa jerina, 13 yrs, Estonia, kids art contest,


2013 Kids Art Contest – Best Black and White

Valentinas Skalandis, 11 years, Kaunas Art, Lithuania

Skalandis Valentinas, 11 yrs, Lithuania, kids art contest,


2013 Kids Art Contest – Best 3D

Sami, 11 years, USA

Sami, 11 yrs, USA, best 3d art, kids art contest


2013 Kids Art Contest Hosted by Frogs Are Green

Calling All Kids ages 3-12! – The 4th annual 2013 Frogs Are Green Art Contest

Contests officially opened on July 20th, 2013.

Kids art contest 2013
Last year we received over 260 entries from kids around the world, and the year before over 500! As always, we are so impressed by kids’ creativity and imagination and the variety of ways they express themselves: in crayon, watercolor, colored pencil, clay, 3D sculptures, dioramas, murals, mosaics, and mixed media.

We will award winners based on age in these age groups: 3-6, 7-9, 10-12. We also added a few new categories last year, Best 3D, Most Unusual Artwork, best Environmental, and this may expand depending on what we receive. The 1st place winners will receive a Frogs Are Green Poster of their choice from our store. All kids receive a certificate via download on our site.

Our 2013 campaign to help frogs! As part of the campaign we’re excited to announce the 4th FROGS ARE GREEN art contest for kids.

Contest theme:

How Will YOU Help Save Frogs and Amphibians!

Your artwork can be about frogs/amphibians and how you (or all of us) can help them.

Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2013 and the winners will be announced January 21, 2014. The winners will be featured in a post.

We’re looking for drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage, or whatever format helps you express yourself.

This year we have a new contest area using Flickr, where you can enter yourself.

There are three different group pools, so be sure to enter your photo/artwork into the right group pool.

Frogs Are Green 2013 Kids Art Contest

For the Kids’ Art Contest, you must add a caption, with your Name, Age, and Country (and a caption if you like) or your submission will not be added.

Please print out the attached flyer to post in your neighborhood schools.

We can’t wait to see your artwork!