Frogs Are Green is on an awareness mission to educate the public about the threats to frogs and amphibians. Through blogging, interviews, social media and annual events we have reached a great many people but now it’s time to go to the next level and bring a new books and curriculums to the schools.

Young children are naturally curious about nature and can express themselves through art in a way they cannot verbally, so one of our curriculums developed by Susan Newman, founder of Frogs Are Green, combines science and art together in a six-week course. (Click below to learn much more about this!)

Environmental Science and Art Curriculum – K-3

Frogs, Amphibians, and Their Threatened Environment

Discovery and Expression Through Art – K-3


Children in K-3 are introduced to frogs, amphibians and the world that surrounds them. By learning about the Earth’s environment and wildlife in this teaching resource, and having an understanding of the eco-system, they can creatively express themselves through art and share with others how everyone can help the earth by being eco-friendly. Students will be introduced to amphibian photographers and artists, both classical and current.

Now Available on Createspace:

>> Frogs, Amphibians and Their Threatened Environment <<

Great for parents (home-schooling) too!

On Amazon too!

>> Frog Curriculum Book <<

In KINDLE format too!

>> Frog Teaching Resource <<


We have also published: Rainforest Frogs; 101 Wallace School Frogs; and in the works is Frogs & Company.
Visit our books page here >> Peaceful Frogs class on nature and art

2 thoughts on “Education

  1. Madam
    Wishes ….
    I am an art & craft tutor in a school.
    Kindly advice how to make aware of frogs through art to my students. Kindly make the contests much easier for students overseas by mode of e-submissions or by uploading in your websites. This could ease us to take part and enhance viewers to know more about your efforts.

    • Dear Senthil,
      Our next contest (the 8th! year) will open in September. We will surely publicize when it’s open. I will consider ways to make entering easier. Thanks, Susan

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